Comcast is the Worst Company on Earth.


I’ve been forced to be a Comcast subscriber almost my entire adult life, bar a 6-month period as a Time Warner customer. Aside from that one lapse, I have only lived in apartments whose management had deals with Comcast, so it was them or nothing. I sometimes think nothing would provide better cable service. And there’s nothing I can do about it. I just have to figure out how to live with them. So I made this page. I may not be able to get better service from a better company, but I can at least tell the world of the shameful treatment I’ve been getting. From frequent internet outages to the unbelievable debacle that is the last year, here’s a summary of my many battles with Comcast since 2009…





I forgot to make comics about how Comcast began sending me mail exclusively in Spanish. And how one time, I called to have this corrected, and they said they’d fix it, and they never did.

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