Prehistoric Comics: 2004


I may have been doing this continuously since 2008, but there have been other times over the years when I felt compelled to make comics about my life, for whatever reason. Those comics have taken many forms and a few different looks, and I’ve decided this site would be incomplete without them.

For a few months in 2004, I worked in the weirdest place I have to date. It was kind of a shady operation, as you will see. I was hired as a graphic designer, but I was snookered into a weird place where they’d tell anybody they could do pretty much anything. I decided to make comics about it, but the place proved too boring to keep it up, most days.

That bottom panel features appearances by Germ, his brother Cody, and Pete playing Zombies!!!, with Shay Ben and… somebody else in the background playing video games. 2004, everybody!

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