OMTOB Pages 12 & 13

Here we have maybe the weirdest thing about this book: The introduction of Ann MacIntosh. As near as I can tell, even though this isn’t a “real” Spider-Man comic, this is her first appearance in any comic. She would go on to just show up in a handful of future Spidey comics, like she’d been there the whole time, with no real introduction. Her eyes sure are close together…

Feel like I’m getting a little bit better handle on the inks in these pages. That bank lobby sure was a job. I’ve been trying to use as much reference as possible for colors. I decided on colors for The Daily Bugle based on a handful of comics, and JJJ’s office specifically from Amazing Spider-Man #228, because it was the first comic from this period I looked at that had his office in it. And for the bank, I did a Google search for “80s bank lobby.” Just trying to be authentic! When I saw Chris’s outfit at the bottom, I could color it anyway I want, but it just screamed Miami Vice to me. All white everything is a must, on his Don Johnson for real.

As of page 13, I’m now lettering the book, too. I am not doing this by hand, because I want you to be able to read it. The book provided a script, and John Romita, Jr. suggested some balloon placements, but it was up to me to get the letters in. I tried to pick a font that would fit in smoothly with the hand lettered previous pages. It’s Letter-O-Matic by Blambot, the amazing supplier of free & premium fonts. That’s not, like, an ad, I just really appreciate the resource. All my comics are lettered with Blambot fonts. Here’s what I was working with today:

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