Aaaaand, we’re back! With seven pages and the lights revealed! Sort of. I wasn’t going to include that 7th page in this batch originally, until I realized it would make zero sense if you had time to forget about the previous one between updates. It might make zero sense now, I don’t even know.

Aside from that one-off in March, this is the first update in almost 6 months! How disgusting. But at least it’s finally here. I guess you can see why I was trying to color these all at once. Trying to keep that lighting consistent across several weeks would’ve been pretty impossible.

One more update to get us out of Chapter 5. It’s only 3 pages, so, you know, hopefully no 6-month gap this time. Full disclosure, though, I’m moving yet again in a few weeks, so that’ll slow me down. My 4th move since I started Closed Galaxy. I feel like me moving is a pretty consistent part of this strip. So, hey, I’ll see you back in here in like a month, maybe?

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