Well, hello. Been… awhile, huh? You good? You eating right? I’m still alive. As anticipated, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and 3 months out of the country pretty much killed this comic. When I finally got back to the US, I felt like I needed to get out what would surely be quite a lot of journal comics before even attempting to get this back under way. That wound up being 52 strips, and it took forever. Add to that the stress of being a month behind at work (and then moving to a new office) making me just not want to work at home, and here we are, very nearly 4 months between updates. That’s depressing. But, no use dwelling on the disappointment. I’m back on track now.

Way back in November, I said I might post a single page before Thanksgiving. Well, here it is. It didn’t get done in time. But it’s a stand alone scene, so it gives me a chance to say I’m back. I’m still plugging away on the next scene, which you can probably guess will be a good one. I hope you’ll see it in a few weeks. Thanks for remembering I exist. It won’t be 4 months this time, I promise.

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