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And that’s where we leave it for Chapter 5! Now that it’s finally done, I recommend jumping back┬áto the beginning of Chapter 5, or maybe even the beginning of Chapter 4, and reading them all together (5 doesn’t have a chapter break yet. It’ll probably appear in the next week or two).

It feels almost funny to say that now there will be a delay in new pages given the troubled history of Chapter 5. The many, many delays in Chapter 5 were down to issues of time. 3 holidays, 1 three-week stretch overseas for work, 1 holiday, 1 house purchased. Now we get to the more traditional gap between chapters. Chapter 6 is about half-written at this time. It’s going to be a big one. I suspect it will run longer than anything else so far, and it moves, too. Whenever all the usual prep work is done, I’ll start drawing again. I think the first Chapter 6 update will be 5 pages, so you know. Writing, design prep, and however long it takes to make the first 5 pages from now, I’ll be back. And I can’t make any promises, but I think we’ll be back to a more regular schedule from there. Hey, I got this update turned around a week, right? Faster than usual for 2 pages! Thanks, as ever, for hanging in there.

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