We’re finally back! Click here to read the previous chapter from the beginning if you need a refresher. It’s been awhile, after all. Welcome to Chapter 5, and welcome to this new delivery method. I think I like it. The wait between updates isn’t going to be great, but I think this stuff plays better taken all at once.

Right off the bat, we have my favorite thing about writing this stuff: I had no idea Su-Min was going to be so mad at Amanika. I had the whole bit plotted out, the gang reacting to the lights, calming down, making a plan, ending on the panel about the stairs, for months and months before I was close enough to drawing this to actually write the script. And when I got down to writing/thinking about how the characters would actually react in the moment, everyone’s freaked out by the lights, but Su becoming really upset that her friend kept something from her came out of nowhere, and it was cool,¬†and it got much better than it was going to be. It really does feel like it’s writing itself sometimes.

Not too happy with how most of this looks. The long break from Chapter 4 really hurt me, I think. I think I maybe started to get my groove back on page 4. Hopefully I can get back in fighting shape in the coming weeks.

So, hey, thanks for checking back in. In a couple of weeks, I’ll return with the next segment.

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