OMTOB Pages 31 & 32

The End! I worried maybe that first panel was maybe a lil’ more Deadpool humor than Spider-Man humor, but I liked it, so it stayed. Doc Ock’s goons really wore purple jumpsuits in the old days. I put so much work in to drawing an accurate 1980s NYC police car, and look how much of it you can see. What a fool I am. On the other hand, I think the police truck is not period accurate at all, so it’s a good thing you can’t see much of it. So much fun coloring that last page. I sat down with no idea how I was gonna do it, and just kinda puzzled it out. Seems like I can’t stop making myself do lights in the dark. Almost killed me on CG, but super fun here. And I got to cap it with my very own ridiculous Daily Bugle headline. Felt right, felt good.

That’s our show, folks! I actually quite like this story. I like the use of The Daily Bugle as a message board, slowly drawing in all the characters. It’s a fun conceit. I hope my ending lived up to the rest of the book. When I started this last year, I really foolishly thought of it as a lark. “Oh, I’ll finish the Try-Out Book, that’ll be fun.” I started back in September and finished the day before the cover posted. I somehow didn’t consider how much work it would be, but it was fun all the way through. I feel like this wound up making me a better artist, studying the classics. As always, thanks for rockin with me. I’ll be back, uh, someday with, uh, something. Cards on the table, I got no plans at the moment, but I already wrote the first couple scenes of more Closed Galaxy, and I’m considering something else, too. so… someday, more comics.

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