30 Day Drawing Challenge

Once upon a time, this sort of thing was all over the internet. Rather than doing any prompts that were going around, tho, some of us decided to make up our own. I’m not totally sure what all the prompts were, at this point, but you get the idea.

Self portrait
I don’t know the prompt, but Mario in a bee suit
I don’t know the prompt
Ninja at a child’s birthday party
Don’t know the prompt, but Modern Red Riding Hood
No idea, but it is what it is
A fight scene maybe?
A movie character (Dignan in Bottle Rocket)
A favorite childhood toy maybe?
I don’t know the prompt, but movie Captain America
Angry child eating a sandwich
I don’t remember the prompt, but this is a pun on the Okkervil River song “Hanging From A Hit”
Reformed Hamburglar?
No idea
The Moth Man I think?
No idea, but Wall-E
A gorilla driving a pickup truck
A line. Suggested so the artists could take it easy the last day

My memory is that, out of the little gang of us that came up with this nonsense, only maybe 2 of us actually did all the prompts But you know me… I don’t know how to stop doing things, so I made it. It was a fun time!

A bug
A cat wearing shoes?
_______ Vs. Predator
Chicken in a chicken suit
Angsty Creature From The Black Lagoon. This was something like the Twilight version of other monsters.
A favorite childhood character, I think?
A video game character (From DayZ)
No idea, but Sugar Bear arrested
Billy Ocean
Fat Batman?