USM 46-59, Ultimate Six 1-6. It’s a battle royale between the Ultimates and five Spider-Man villains in Ultimate Six, eventually, after 5 issues of build up, as Peter Parker largely does not appear and then Spider-Man just stands around watching the fight later. Somehow the Ultimate equivalent of the Avengers has a hard time taking out a bunch of guys Spider-Man beat on his own, and one of them is that running joke of a character, Ultimate Kraven. A real misfire. But over in the main book, a fight with the Enforcers leads Spider-Man down the path to Kingpin’s new scheme. He’s trying to get a puppet elected mayor, but after candidate Sam Bullit is exposed by Ben Urich over JJJ’s furious objections, Kingpin is thwarted due to the heroic efforts of Spider-Man and a humbled J. Jonah. JJJ fires Peter for asking him a tough question, and then admits his mistake and rehires him. MJ’s terrible dad reads her diary, miraculously not learning Peter is Spider-Man, but tries to forbid her from seeing Peter anymore, but then her Mom kicks him out of the house. Spidey first encounters Ultimate Black Cat, a disgruntled Fisk employee who’s stolen a mysterious tablet from him, and who Elektra has been hired to kill. Doc Ock breaks out of jail just as Sam Raimi is making a Spider-Man vs. Doc Ock movie, like in real life, and the ensuing battle sees Ock flee the country in a stolen private jet with Spider-Man in tow, a climactic battle at a Brazilian airport, and Gwen figuring out Peter is Spider-Man when MJ freaks out about the news. Plus, Kong gets to be an extra in the Spider-Man movie. I think this one got away from me. I think the idea is sound, but it kind of turns to white noise. There’s some good drawing in there (And some bad drawing), but it’s just kind of a mess. Spider-Man & Doc Ock should’ve been bigger, I don’t think it has a focal point. But, what can ya do? This one’s got no swipes. I realized working on it that that’s 3 Ultimate ones in a row with no direct quotes, and as fast as I’m going through them, I wanted to make sure to highlight more of Bagley’s time on the book before it’s over in the future.