ASM 519-524, MKSM 13-18, Spider-Man Unlimited, Vol. 2 – 10, New Avengers 11-13, House of M 1-8, House of M: Spider-Man 1-5, Runaways 9-12, Spider-Man/Human Torch 1-5.┬áPeter Parker & family move into Avengers Tower, and Aunt May pretty immediately begins a romance with Jarvis, the Avengers’ long-serving butler. Spider-Man and the Avengers must fight stupid green evil twins of 4 Avengers created by Hydra. Tabloids photograph MJ entering Avengers Tower late at night and run a story about her having an affair with Tony Stark. In MKSM, Reggie Hudlin does a stupid fundamentalist Christian analog of Superman who turns out to be a Skrull and winds up wearing a leather daddy superhero outfit, gueststarring the FF & Punisher and featuring Absorbing Man being turned into cocaine and sold on the street. Really. The New Avengers travel to Japan, where they fight the Hand, Viper & Silver Samurai alongside Echo in the Ronin suit. In Runaways, the New Avengers are after Cloak, framed for assaulting Dagger, and the Runaways help him clear his name. In Spider-Man Unlimited, Spider-Man fights the Rhino, and a Spider-Man-hatin’ intern hired by JJJ changes his tune when Spider-Man saves his life. Spider-Man/Human Torch checks in on the pair’s friendship/rivalry over the years, from the 60s to the 00s, finally revealing Peter’s identity to Johnny. But, of course, the big thing here is House of M, wherein Quicksilver convinced his sister the Scarlet Witch to rewrite reality, so that their father, Magneto, is in charge of everything, and mutants are the dominant race. In the course of this, the various heroes are given lives Pietro hopes will keep them from figuring out what happened, including Spider-Man being remade as a world famous entertainer, married to Gwen Stacy and raising a son, with Uncle Ben and George Stacy still alive. But it’s all a sham, and by the time the heroes remember the truth and fix everything, Scarlet Witch has removed the powers of almost every mutant on Earth. With a Spider-Man copied from Olivier Coipel.