ASM, Vol. 2 55-58, 500-508, TAC, Vol. 2 1-10, Daredevil, Vol. 2 56-60, The Pulse 1-5, Spider-Man/Dr. Octopus: Negative Exposure – 1-5. JMS and JRJR celebrate ASM’s 500th issue with a guest star-filled, magical time travelin’ adventure where the only thing that can stop Dormammu from destroying the world is Spider-Man’s ability to relive every fight he’s ever had, and his reward is 5 minutes with Uncle Ben. It’s a really good anniversary story, and the apex of their run. Spider-Man fights a one-off enemy called the Shaker, who seems to mostly be a chance to have Romita, Jr. draw a character sort of like his dad’s creation, the Shocker. A new volume of Spectacular begins with a terrible Venom story and an ok Doc Ock story, and with Humberto Ramos’ terrible new looks for each. Spider-Man is helped in his fight with Ock by his absurd New Zealander neighbor Big John, calling himself the Kiwi Kid. A flashback story sees Spider-Man and Doc Ock fight in the past as a disgruntled rival photographer helps Ock in pursuit of the perfect shot. Spider-Man joins various heroes confronting Daredevil during a nervous breakdown, and then helping him fight the yakuza when he comes out of it. Aunt May has the idea for the still comatose Flash Thompson to move into an apartment below Peter & Mary Jane and out of the care of Liz Osborn. Spider-Man has an unlikely adventure with Loki against the even more villainous Morwen, and also they get hot dogs together. And, in the Pulse, after Norman Osborn kills a Daily Bugle reporter, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Spider-Man and Ben Urich finally reveal to the world that Norman is the Green Goblin after he’s managed to avoid it since the 60s, and put him in prison. But the biggest news, of course, is Ezekiel, who’s been a sort of Obi-Wan Kenobi to Spider-Man since 2001, is inevitably revealed to be a villain, but has a change of heart and gives his life to save Peter when the chips are down. Ezekiel & Peter copies from John Romita, Jr.’s final issue as regular artist of ASM for almost 20 years (With a head on Peter from a different drawing).