ASM, Vol. 2 25-29, Annual ’01, PPSM 25-29, Annul ’00, Spider-Man: Revenge of the Green Goblin 1-3, Spider-Man: The Mysterio Manifesto 1-3, Spider-Man: Lifeline 1-3, Daredevil/Spider-Man 1-4, The Sentry, Vol. 1, 1-5, Sentry/Spider-Man, The Sentry Vs. The Void. After a brief moratorium on random Spider-Man junk clogging the shelves, a pile of pointless miniseries appears. Howard Mackie shuffles off ASM in disgrace, once the best writer in a field of 4 doing Spider-Man every month, now remembered as the guy who ruined the book (Fairly or unfairly).  But first, he has to tie up the MJ “death” plot with this random unnamed shmoe who kidnapped her in an nonsensical plan to steal Spider-Man’s life, only for MJ & Peter to separate as soon as she’s back. This was clearly not where the stalker subplot was originally headed, something Mackie confirmed in an interview, but editorial was really on him. And before that, The Green Goblin returns in a very underwhelming story that just sort of stops rather than ending. Elsewhere, Spider-Man has a weird adventure/date with the creatively named intergalactic bounty hunter, Bounty, teams up with Black Cat against Hydro-Man, and helps Daredevil fight a team of his villains the Owl, Gladiator, Stilt-Man and Copperhead, the latter of whom is apparently a zombie, as those villains try to kill Kingpin, and Foggy Nelson and Black Widow go on a sidequest to take Fisk down in a more humane way.  Spidey and DD also fight a crazy person posing as both Mysterio and Jack O’Lantern. Then Spider-Man has to deal with Hammerhead, Caesar Cicero, Eel, Boomerang and Man Mountain Marko all scrabbling over the mysterious Lifeline tablet, which also leads to the Lizard going on a rampage. Also, Spider-Man has a weird encounter with the disembodied head of the Robotmaster, saves a genetically modified cat from some assassins hired by AIM (Really!), fights the Squid, who is the son of his dad’s best friend (Really!), and very briefly fights the Enforcers with Ben Reilly’s pal, Jimmy 6. But also, forgotten hero the Sentry returns, pulling in much of the Marvel Universe to learn the secret of his nemesis, the Void, in one of Marvel’s more memorable stunts of the period. The Void is revealed as an evil force manifested by the Sentry himself, which inspired this mirror layout. It’s the rare drawing where nothin’s copied from nowhere.