ASM V2 1-10 & Annual 99, PPSM 1-10 & Annual 99,  Thor V2 8, Slingers 0-3, Daredevil V2 8, Nova V2 5. Probably spurred by Marvel cutting costs as it slowly emerges from bankruptcy, the Spider-Man line shrinks from 4 monthlies and 2 quarterlies to 2 monthlies. Thanks to MJ’s renewed modeling career, the Parkers are living in a fancy high rise in Manahttan, Peter is still working for the Bugle and gets a new job in his first love, science, at a company called Tricorp, which the creative team will lose interest in and drop immediately. And he’s not Spider-Man anymore… but someone is, and the mystery of who drags out for a few months. It turns out to be Maddie Franklin, a random teenage girl who joined Norman Osborn’s dumb mystic ritual at the end of Vol. 1 and got superpowers, wearing a suit that makes her look like a man and impersonating her hero while he’s missing. Peter is, of course, forced back into the suit pretty quickly, and Maddie becomes the 3rd Spider-Woman, who’s attacked by an evil Spider-Woman, even. Jill Stacy hangs around as MJ’s only friend, but they’re laying down a lot of really lame romantic tension between her and Peter. And Aunt May gets a makeover, and will no longer look or act like she’s 300 years old, which is for the best. Plus, 4 random people get ‘hold of the costumes Peter wore as other heroes when there was a bounty on his head and become a superteam, which makes no sense and is quickly cancelled. Scorpion gets an even worse new customer, Scrier returns, Doc Ock appears in his crappy Chapter One suit, the villain Crown is now suddenly a vampire named Hunger, The FF appear, a team-up with Thor, etc, etc. The John Byrne Spider-Man I copied reminded me a lot of the Keith Pollard one from my 1978-1979 drawing, and probably due to having just one the Chapter One remake, I ended up kind of remaking that drawing.