ASM 433-441 & ASM/Devil Dinosaur Annual ’98, TAC 256-263, SM 91-98 & SM/Elektra Annual ’98, SSM 27-33, SMU 20-22, Spider-Man: Made Men, Fantastic Four, Vol. 3 9, X-Man 37-38. All the annuals were team-ups this year. The bounty Norman Osborn put on Spider-Man forces Peter & MJ to make up 4 new super identities for him that he uses for all of 2 months before clearing his name. Mob bosses Black Tarantula and The Rose are unmasked as Just Some Guy and Daily Bugle reporter Jacob Conover in a reveal that makes no sense at all. Osborn and the Hobgoblin square off in a story that leads to Hobby’s retirement. Peter’s friend Billy Walters, MJ’s Aunt Anna and the deaf neighbor girl Anna’s been watching during the day are all hastily written out of the books. Joe & Martha Robertson go on a European vacation now that Robbie’s quit the Bugle, but that’s really Robbie trying to get dirt on Norman Osborn. Spidey has to rescue Moonboy and Devil Dinosaur after they’re brainwashed into joining the Circus of Crime. Ben Urich writes a book about the NY underworld as Kingpin comes back to town to take over again for like the 5th or 8th time. Betty Brant and Flash Thompson get back together. And finally, Osborn initiates a ridiculous mystical ceremony that drives him even more insane and leads to him revealing his absolutely insane final gambit: Aunt May is alive 40 issues after her seeming death, and has a trigger in her skull that will set off “genetic bombs” all over the world if it’s removed. But don’t worry, they get it out without killing anybody thanks to Reed Richards. With MJ getting back into modeling, Aunt May returned, Norman defeated and the people hating Spider-Man more than ever, Peter burns his costume and quits forever, and everyone lives happily ever after. The End! For 2 months, until Marvel streamlines and relaunches the Spider-Man line. Also, team ups with Black Cat, Daredevil, Elektra, X-Man, Synch, Frankenstein’s Monster, Hannibal King, Ghost Rider and the FF & Caledonia, and battles with Trapster, Shocker, Jack O’ Lantern, Conundrum, the Looter, Rhino, Delilah, Vulture, Override, Kraven the Hunter, Jr., Lilith, Plant Man, Arcade, The Marvel Zombie, The Silencer, Molten Man, Bloodscream & Roughouse. Spider-Man copied from nobody for once, but also subconsciously inspired by John Romita, Jr. Originally drawing #52, and currently drawing #52, too! How bout that?