ASM 401-404 & Super Special, TAC 223-227 & Super Special, WEB 124-127 & Super Special, SM 58-61 & Super Special, SMU 9, Maximum Clonage Alpha & Omega. Only 5 months of comics, but it’s 24 issues, 9 of them double-sized. Sheesh. Peter Parker arrested for hair crimes (And murder)! The mysterious Judas Traveller, Scrier & Jackal pulling various strings behind the scenes. Encounters with the New Warriors, the Thing, Punisher, and a new, heroic Green Goblin. The brief alliance of a Sinister Seven. Spider-Man, Venom & Scarlet Spider meet the evil alien race Venom comes from in an intergalactic adventure. Currently deceased Doc Ock’s former flame Stunner and the rogue police detective who brought the murder charges against Peter are uneasy allies out for justice. A trial for Peter Parker and a mock trial full of villains for Spider-Man. Eventually we learn that Kaine is a failed first clone of Peter, and that he’s the killer who put our guy in jail, and he eventually is forced to clear Peter’s name. And then Peter learns he’s the clone and Ben is the real deal, and the already dark and unhinged Peter goes nuts. Bad time to find out Mary Jane is pregnant! A desperate MJ turns to Black Cat for help finding her missing husband. Good clone Scarlet Spider, bad clone Kaine and worse clone “Spidercide” on the loose! And eventually, Maximum Clonage, where there’s literally hundreds of Spider-Man clones. It’s totally out of control. And I decided to do this weird layout emphasizing all the clones. I’m not sure it totally works. The ones on the edges shoulda been more than just arms. But, oh well. It’s hard to treat probably the single worst 5 months of Spider-Man ever published with much respect. The Spider-Mans are drawn in the style of longtime Spider-Man artist Tom Lyle, but not directly copied. Originally drawing #26.