ASM 395-400, TAC 218-222, WEB 118-123, SM 52-56, SMU 7-8. Puma briefly turned into an even-more-catman by this weird Nocturne lady in her final appearance. Daredevil’s in his horrible 90s costume as he guest stars. The debut of Ben Reilly as the Scarlet Spider, who offends Venom by impersonating Spider-Man and causes a showdown. Plus, the mysterious and lame new villain Kaine, and Doc Ock’s bizarre girlfriend, Stunner. Peter Parker is dying, and only Doc Ock can save him. With the clone running around, it was only a mater of time before his creator, the Jackal, made his preposterous return from the grave, reimagined as a lame Joker for Spider-Man. The “deaths” of Doc Ock, jobbed out to Kaine to show how scary he is, and of Aunt May, both obviously bad and shortsighted decisions made to make the book seem more “edgy” and “dangerous.” And May is barely in the ground when Peter Parker is arrested for murder! No copies. Originally drawing #15.