ASM 390-394, TAC 213-216, WEB 113-116, SM 46-51, SMU 6. This set represents maybe the single worst run of comics in Spider-Man’s 60+ year history. Peter losing his fake parents makes him spiral into rage and self-pity and turn his back on his own life, proclaiming that Peter Parker is dead, and he is “The Spider,” because the 90s demanded things be “dark” and “edgy” and terrible. Meanwhile, Aunt May has a stroke that puts her in a coma, MJ’s got to deal with her husband throwing the world’s most insane tantrum, various villains show up, Kraven the Hunter’s never-before-mentioned adult child takes up his dad’s obsession with Spider-Man, the mysterious and stupid Judas Traveller makes his first appearance, and a shadowy figure haunting the pages of the books is eventually revealed to be Peter’s long-thought-dead clone, now going by the name Ben Reilly. Just indefensible dreck from top to bottom. And I got to draw it. Originally drawing #9.