ASM 383-389 & Annual 28, TAC 209-212 & Annual 14, WEB 107-111 & Annual 10, SM 41-45, SMU 3-5, Spider-Man: Web of Doom 1-3, Spider-Man: Legacy of Evil one-shot, Secret Defenders 6-8, Ghost Rider – 48. In a shocking twist no one could’ve seen coming, Peter’s miraculously returned from the dead parents turn out to be evil robots, a scheme by Harry Osborn striking from beyond the grave through the Chameleon (Who, straining already strained credibility, never learns Peter is Spider-Man). The loss of his fake parents sends Peter into a stupid, selfish rage that lasts for a year, presumably to make him so unlikable that when the clone shows up during that time, you’ll be happy to see him take over. Before that happens, tho, he’s got to team up with Dr. Strange, Scarlet Witch & Captain America against Xandu AGAIN, for the last time, fight Carnage by himself for the first time, put down a prison riot caused by Shriek, stop a rampaging Lizard set off by Calypso, deal with Beetle framing him for murder, deal with Mysterio bankrolling a fake Spider-Man who’s out for publicity, and deal with Vulture using a pseudo-science machine to steal his youth, among other things. Also, Robbie Robertson & Betty Brant uncover some illegal business at JJJ’s wife’s job, Aunt May figures out the parents are fake way before Peter does and hires a PI to follow them, Black Cat asks Flash to marry her after he’s in a bad accident and he says no, ending their surprisingly long romance, and Peter has to reconcile with Harry’s widow and son. Also team ups with Sandman, Iron Fist, Night Thrasher, Vengeance and Human Torch, appearances by Prowler and the guy named Joe who accidentally got superpowers back in drawing 2, and battles with The Jury, Quicksand, Sandstorm, Warrant, Shocker, Foreigner, Deadaim, Tracer, Bloodshed, Dread, Rak, Gale, Pyromania, Mayhem, Webber, Master of Vengeance, The Fox and 3 robot Goblin women who are a 2nd from-beyond-the-grave Harry Osborn thing. Whew! Main image copied from Mark Bagley. Originally drawing #51.