ASM 376-377 & Annual 27, TAC 197-200 & Annual 13, WEB 97-100 & Annual 9, SM 32-34, Spider-Man & Dr. Strange: The Way to Dusty Death, Spider-Man: Thin Ice, Spider-Man: Double Trouble, Spider-Man: Hit & Run, Spider-Man: Chaos In Calgary, Venom: Lethal Protector 1-6. Whew! Well, obviously, the big story here is the final showdown between Spider-Man and this Green Goblin, which leaves Harry Osborn dead from his modified strength formula. A dark moment in Spidey history. But he dies saving the lives of Mary Jane and his own son from a bomb he set to kill Spider-Man, so he at least went out ok. For now. But also, the deepening mystery of Peter’s parents expands, and strange things re afoot with Betty Brant & Joe Robertson. Spidey stars in 3 educational comics made for the Canadian market in 1990 that were made official releases in 1993 with a 4th one added. Propelled by his massive popularity, Venom officially makes the move from villain to anti-hero as he gets his own series. Spider-Man and Dr. Strange battle Xandu as he steals the Wand of Watoomb and tries to resurrect his dead wife for the absurd 4th time in 30 years. It’s a very specific story to keep doing over and over. Team-ups with Dr. Strange, the original X-Men, Punisher and Ghost Rider. The introductions of The Cabal, Annex, Spawn rip-off Nightwatch, and Nocturne, none of whom will have any staying power. And battles with Chameleon, Electro, Blood Rose, Professor Power, The Foreigner, Cardiac, The absurdly large team of the New Enforcers, Gauntlet, The Master of Vengeance, Styx & Stone, The Foreigner’s assassins, 5 new unnamed symbiotes and The Jury. Featuring a Spider-Man and a Green Goblin copied from Sal Buscema. Originally drawing #46.