ASM 359-367 and Annual 26, TAC 186-190 and Annual 12, WEB 90-92 and Annual 8, SM 24-26, Fantastic Four 362, Daredevil 305 & 306, Avengers West Coast 84-86, New Warriors Annual 2, Marvel Comics Presents 99, and the Spider-Man: Fear Itself graphic novel. The dubious debut of Carnage forces Spider-Man to bring Venom out of retirement. Harry Osborn pushed all the way to madness as The Green Goblin. Betty Brant randomly turning into a gun totin’ vigilante to avenge the death of her husband 5 years prior. Baron Zemo very briefly comes back from the dead as a woman working with a ghost ninja, and Spidey and Silver Sable have to stop them from blowing up the world. Spidey and the New Warriors have to stop a group of evil corporations and like 8 villains led by The Sphinx from experimenting on heroes to steal their power. Vulture is dying and can’t go without Aunt May’s forgiveness for accidentally killing her fiancĂ©/his friend Nathan Lubensky. Spidey heads to California to help the Avengers West and especially Spider-Woman fight some spider-themed villains. But the big story is the mysterious return from the dead of Peter Parker’s parents. That can’t be good! Also, team-ups with Human Torch, Daredevil, Captain Britain and Solo, and fights with Cardiac, Rhino, Mysterio, Lizard, Beetle, Speed Demon, Constrictor, Hydro-Man, Boomerang, Blacklash, Bombshell, Stiletto, Discus, Arcade, Taskmaster, Red Skull, and a small army of random jobbers created for one issue and never used again. Whew. Favorite thing here is Spider-Woman picking up her daughter from her ex-husband and having nowhere to put her while she has to go do Avengers stuff, so she just puts a mask on her and takes her along. No copies this time. Originally drawing #41.