ASM 353-358, WEB 81-89, SM 16-23, Ghost Rider 16-17, X-Force 3-4, Sleepwalker 5-6, Trial of Venom. Busy, busy, busy. With a lot of guest appearances in other books and 2 big 6-issue fight scenes featuring tons of guest stars, not much room for the supporting cast or, like, a plot, in these issues. Just a lotta fighting alongside Ghost Rider, Blaze, X-Force, Sleepwalker, Daredevil, Beast, Nova, Moon Knight, Punisher, Night Thrasher, Hulk, Deathlok, Solo and The Fantastic Four against Hobgoblin, Juggernaut, Black Tom Cassidy, Crimewave, Venom, The Secret Empire, Thunderball, 2 random cyborgs, Bloodshed, Hypertron, Powerhouse, Richard Fisk, The Rose, Man Mountain Marko, and The Sinister Six (Now featuring the giant monster Gog). Also, a near-death experience and an encounter with Thanos in the afterlife. This is so 90s it hurts. So many guns! And so many of them are UZIs! Even The Sinister Six has big dumb guns now. Hobgoblin is in 3 of the stories. Ghost Rider and Nova are both in 2. What little of consequence happens includes Richard Fisk, son of the Kingpin and formerly the Rose, becoming the new Kingpin for like 5 minutes during a gang war that puts Peter Parker’s family in the crosshairs. Plus a new Rose on the scene, and writer Howard Mackie freeing Hobgoblin of the dumb demonic religious fanatic thing Todd McFarlane saddled him with more or less as soon as McFarlane leaves Marvel to found Image Comics. Mostly, tho, just fightin’. Spider-Man & Hobgoblin copied from longtime Web of Spider-Man artist Alex Saviuk. Classic characters in the bottom tier, late 80s/90s character in the top. Originally drawing #39.