ASM 349-352, TAC 178-185, WEB 77-80, SM 8-14, The Deadly Foes of Spider-Man 1-4, ASM: Soul of The Hunter, Thor 447-448. The over-stuffed 90s strike again. With 4 monthly titles, Spider-Man obviously also needed a miniseries and a one-shot. But things have only begun to escalate on that front. Erik Larsen’s tenure as ASM penciler comes to an end with a dramatic showdown with Dr. Doom for the life of the Black Fox. Basically everyone Peter Parker cares about is trapped in a collapsing building when a fundraiser is attacked by Firebrand, while Spider-Man’s trapped in the flooding basement below them with some terrified Morlocks (Also Flash Thompson accidentally made a few of them think it was a costume party). A possibly hallucinating Peter Parker must decide whether to save the soul of Kraven the Hunter. Harry Osborn flips out and becomes the Green Goblin once more as Vermin stalks the city. And as Mark Bagley’s career-long association with Spider-Man begins, those dummies at the Life Foundation accidentally reactivate the Tri-Sentinel, and it’s up to Spider-Man and Nova to stop it from destroying a nuclear power plant. All this and I also had to sit through the father & son team of Leap Frog & Frog-Man helping Spider-Man fight White Rabbit & The Walrus. Plus, team-ups with Cloak & Dagger, Wolverine & The Wendigo, Black Cat and Thor, and battles against The Sinister Syndicate, Shocker, Morbius, Silvermane, Absorbing Man & Titania. Featuring a Spider-Man based on 2 Erik Larsen drawings. This was originally #35.