ASM 340-348 & Annual 25, TAC 169-177 & Annual 11, WEB 69-76 & Annual 7, SM 1-7, FF 347-349, Darkhawk 2-3, Marvel Comics Presents 67, Marvel Holiday Special ’91. The overcrowded 90s begin, wherein a 4th monthly Spider-Man title joins the schedule, and our hero seems to be popping up all over the place. Spidey, Wolverine, Hulk & Ghost Rider briefly become the New Fantastic Four. The “final” Venom story leaves Venom living on a desert island, convinced he’s killed Spider-Man. The introductions of anti-hero Cardiac and villains Blowtorch, Corona, The Avant Guard, and The Femme Fatales, most of which will never be seen again. The Space Phantom makes Spider-Man go to war with The Avengers, forming a team of reformed villains to fight them. Spidey, Black Panther & Iron Man have to stop Ultron from blowing up the world. The situation with Flash and Black Cat changes as she slowly realizes she actually likes the guy. Odious Daily Bugle photographer Nick Katzenberg tries to blackmail Peter. And so on. But perhaps most importantly, Aunt May starts dating The Fantastic Four’s mailman, Willie Lumpkin! Obviously, the New Fantastic Four figures are copied from Art Adams, but I am not the master. Venom is rendered in faux-Erik Larsen, Doc Ock in faux-Sal Buscema and Hobgoblin in faux-Todd McFarlane. Everyone else is all over the place. Originally drawing #28.