ASM 326-339 & Annual 24, TAC 158-167 & Annual 10, WEB 58-68 & Annual 6, Marvel Comics Presents 39, 48-50, Punisher War Journal 14-15, Quasar 7. Well. That’s only 10 months of comics. Spider-Man receives the cosmic power of Captain Universe to save the world from a cataclysmic event. But a science accident keeps him from understanding what’s happening to him for awhile, so he’s just slowly developing new powers and has no idea what’s happening until the big moment, when Loki fuses 3 Sentinels together and sets them on course to destroy a nuclear power plant. And that’s during Acts of Vengeance, when the major villains got together and switched enemies, also at Loki’s behest, and the villains take a special interest in Spider-Man’s new cosmic powers, especially Doom. Amped up, Spider-Man has a weird fight with the Hulk that goes differently than it usually would. Poor doomed Harry Osborn succumbs to the madness of the Green Goblin again. The Black Cat resurfaces, dating Flash Thompson, and tells Peter she’s doing it to eventually break his heart to get back at him for marrying Mary Jane. Very stable. Dr. Octopus reunites the Sinister Six in a scheme that threatens the whole world with deadly poison, but only destroys the world of Aunt May, as Nathan Lubensky, the second great love of her life, is killed by The Vulture, his old friend. Separated by Doc Ock’s tentacles, we have newer villains top left, classic villains top right, people Spidey fought because of Acts of Vengeance on the left, the architects of Acts of Vengeance on the right, heroes he teamed up with on the bottom left and the supporting cast at Nathan’s funeral bottom right, and The Sinister Six behind Ock. Doc Ock is a very useful design element. Originally drawing #25.