ASM 301-314, TAC 139-149, WEB 39-50, Thor 391. A book of Peter’s photography is released, form which he sees no money, but he & MJ are sent a promotional tour for it, and Peter is on Johnny Carslon! Mary Jane is kidnapped by a deranged fan (And saves herself with no help from Spider-Man)! The Daily Bugle repels a demonic invasion during Inferno! The Hobgoblin makes a literal deal with a devil, turns into a demon monster, and Harry Osborn comes out of Green Goblin retirement to defend his family from him! Styx & Stone make their debut! Spider-Man & The Punisher fight Mexican werewolf mob bosses! The 80s are wild! Most of the good stuff in this stretch happens in Spectacular, so I was trying to channel Sal Buscema’s version of the supporting cast circa the period. Trying to draw the insane anatomy of Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man on that book cover almost broke me. Originally drawing #14.