ASM 279-283, TAC 117-122, WEB 16-24, Marvel Fanfare 27. Wherein our hero gets blown up in a cave in Appalachia by the villain Magma, losing his red and blue suit FOREVER. Or for the next 21 months, either way. After that, he goes with intrepid reporter Joy Mercado to see The Troubles in Ireland. Also Spider-Man, Silver Sable and Sandman battle new C-list villain team The Sinister Syndicate, JJJ hires X-Factor to hunt Spider-Man down, and Black Cat debuts her terrible, short lived new costume and harasses Dr. Strange in it. Jack O’Lantern breaks Flash Thompson out of jail thinking he’s rescuing the real Hobgoblin, leaving Flash an accidental fugitive. Some guys who blame Spider-Man for their father’s death start dressing up as him to commit crimes. Spider-Man battles Slyde, The Mauler, The Vulture and Titania & The Absorbing Man in various skirmishes. Sabretooth wants revenge for Spidey’s web scarring up his face, but Black Cat beats him half to death. The comedy villain Humbug debuts. Glory Grant & Peter Parker try to fight gentrification. Harry & Liz bring their new baby to a house party MJ throws at Peter’s apartment, and Randy Robertson introduces his new bride Amanda to his family, who didn’t know he got married. Awkward! And while he’s not in this image, events behind the scenes are setting the long-running, out of control Hobgoblin mystery on the course to its disappointing conclusion. With a Spider-Man nicked from Ron Frenz & Brett Breeding. Originally drawing #43.