ASM 263-270 & Annual 19, TAC 101-110 & Annual 5, WEB 2-9 & Annual 1, X-Men 190-191. Whole lot goin’ on there. Not much with more impact than The Death of Jean DeWolff, wherein the serial killer Sin-Eater pushes Spider-Man beyond the breaking point, and Daredevil has to stop our hero from committing murder. But also, Peter & Aunt May reconcile over a broken plate after not speaking for over a year! And doomed little Normie Osborn is born. In X-Men, Kulan Gath turns Manhattan and everyone in it into a Conan-style world, all in an attempt to get revenge on Spider-Man after the events of Marvel Team-Up 79, and the transmogrified X-Men and Avengers have to save the day. The debut of Silver Sable, Daily Bugle City Editor Kate Cushing, and Alistaire Smythe, whose dad built Spider Slayers for JJJ, and who winds up believing Mary Jane is Spider-Man and trying to kill her (Long story!). 4 goofballs steal The Vulture’s tech to become The Vulturions, and Vulture is not happy about it! Adventures with Wasp, Paladin and The Human Torch! An absurd adventure with Toad, Frog-Man and The Spectacular Spider-Kid! A weird new look for Doc Ock! Encounters with Nightmare, Black Fox, Blaze, and a killer mech! Also, here’s me making a case for why I thought Killer Shrike and Blacklash were the same guy as a kid. And last but not least, in TAC Annual 5, Peter David & Mark Beachum inexplicably decide to make Prince a legendary ex-gang member in Harlem named Ace. Straight up. The cover is based on the cover of Purple Rain and everything. Who can say what comic book dudes were thinking? Ace will return in TAC Annual 6. No copies. Originally drawing #24.