ASM 252-262 & Annual 18, MTU 140-150 & Annual 7, TAC 90-100, Web of Spider-Man, Vol. 1 1. The saga of Spider-Man’s alien costume. He thought he just got a weird spacey suit while he and various heroes and villains were trapped fighting on an alien planet, but he was getting possessed by an alien the whole time. As Spider-Man wears the suit, slowly realizes it’s killing him, gets rid of it, has it come back and try to take over again, a bunch of other stuff is happening. Aunt May finds out Peter dropped out of grad school, and it creates a rift between them. Villains the Rose, Puma, the Answer and the Spot are introduced. The Hobgoblin keeps raiding Harry Obsorn’s business looking for his father’s journals and the secret to the Green Goblin’s power. Spidey and Black Cat’s horribly toxic relationship finally ends after she goes to Kingpin to get superpowers and hides it from him for an absurdly long time. But most importantly, Mary Jane reveals she knows Peter is Spider-Man, and the two become much closer for it. Featuring a Spider-Man cribbed from Rick Leonardi. Originally drawing #7.