ASM 246-251, MTU 135-139, TAC 84-89, Avengers 236 & 237. Roger Stern and John Romita, Jr.’s legendary run on ASM comes to an explosive close as the mystery of The Hobgoblin heats up even more. Spider-Man reveals his secret identity to girlfriend the Black Cat, who hates his real face and life. Very healthy. Harry & Liz move into a big fancy house in the suburbs and have a pool party, to which Peter Parker wears a cut-off shirt and short shorts, which I could not resist including. Spider-Man tries to join The Avengers, and while it doesn’t work out, he does join them in a battle with Moonstone, Electro, Blackout & Rhino. Aunt May becomes Galactus’ shortest-tenured herald, Golden Oldie, in a story that turns out to be a dream. Spider-Man meets and reveals all his secrets to a kid who idolizes him with terminal cancer in one of the most famous stories of the period. Plus, team-ups with Kitty Pryde, Wonder Man, Sandman, Frog-Man, Nick Fury and The Fantastic Four, and battles with Cobra, Mr. Hyde, The Fly, The Enforcers, Thunderball, and The Dreadnought, and an unusual encounter with Kingpin. Spider-Man and Hobgoblin copied from John Romita, Jr. Originally drawing #33.