ASM 203-206, MTU 92-98, TAC 41-45 & Annual 2, FF 218 and Spider-Woman 28 & 29. A transitional period as Amazing & Spectacular get new creative teams and Team-Up doesn’t have a regular one at all. The strange 2nd appearance of Black Cat. The first appearance of Mockingbird, stopping a plot to assassinate Nick Fury with Spider-Man’s help. Jonas Harrow kidnaps an amnesiac JJJ. The Frightful Four’s stupidest plan of all time somehow almost works, and Spider-Man beats them almost entirely alone inside the Baxter Building after they’ve taken down the FF way too easily. Spidey and Howard The Duck go on a very Howard adventure against a villain called Status Quo. Spider-Woman is forced into robbery by The Enforcer and Spider-Man flies to CA to see what’s going on. The Vulture tries to take over NY’s mobs and, surprise, doesn’t. Plus team-ups with Dazzler, Giant Man, Hawkeye, Werewolf by Night, Shroud & Black Widow, and battles with Lightmaster, Meteor Man, Mr. Fear, Tatterdemalion, Dansen Macabre, Belladonna, Rapier, Silvermane, and The Owl in a flying, weaponized wheelchair, ‘cuz why not? Another one with no copied figures. Originally #42.