ASM 189-200, MTU 79-85, TAC 32-35, FF 207. Peter starts grad school, meeting his new boss Dr. Sloan and rival Marcy Kane. Peter fails MJ one last time and she walks out of his life for more than 50 issues. JJJ thinks Spider-Man killed his werewolf son, fires Peter for knowing him, drives Joe Robertson to quit, and then has a nervous breakdown. Peter gets a staff job at The Daily Globe, working with the absurdly named reporter April Maye. Flash and Harry enjoy domestic bliss with Sha Shan and Liz. And after the burglar who killed Uncle Ben returns and conspires with Mysterio to have Aunt May declared dead so he can try to find a treasure hidden in the Parker house (really), Aunt May conquers her fear of Spider-Man after over 20 years. Plus: Spider-Man meets The Black Cat! The Lizard gets a buddy in The Iguana! The final gambit of Spider Slayer creator Sylvester Smythe! The introduction of The Fly! An issue-long, knock down, drag out battle with The Kingpin! A magical artifact lets the spirit of long-dead Red Sonja, She-Devil With A Sword, possess Mary Jane to help Spider-Man face off against her ancient foe, Kulan Gath! A final fight with Mindworm! Spidey and The Torch face the bizarre menace of The Monocle! Spider-Man, Clea & Satana have to help Dr. Strange escape the Voodoo power of Marie LeVeau! And Viper, Silver Samurai and Boomerang attempt to assassinate literally the entire US federal government, and Spider-Man, Nick Fury, Shang-Chi, and an amnesiac Black Widow are the only ones who can stop them! No copies in this one, which was originally #21.