ASM 182-188, MTU 74-78, TAC 21-31. Marv wolfman takes over ASM and really shakes things up. After Rocket Racer returns to fight ridiculous new villain Big Wheel, Peter Parker graduates from college and moves on to grad school and proposes to Mary Jane, who says no and summarily exits the title for almost 5 years. Then Peter’s first love, Betty Brant, returns, having martial troubles with Ned and trying to have an affair with Peter! Plus, Peter meets Phil Chang, who will soon be one of his classmates. Meanwhile, Spider-Man is cleared of the murder charges that have been haunting him since the deaths of George & Gwen Stacy and Norman Osborn. In Marvel Team-Up, Spider-Man meets the original cast of Saturday Night Live, and has to fight the Silver Samurai backstage. In Spectacular, the villains Carrion & (sigh) the Hypno Hustler debut. Also a whole bunch of team-ups and villains, I don’t know, I didn’t keep as detailed records in the early days. This is original drawing #4, with a Spider-Man heavily referenced from incoming ASM artist Keith Pollard.