ASM 176-181, TAC 12-20, MTU 63-73, Spider-Man: Mayhem In Manhattan. Harry Osborn’s therapist learns the secrets of The Green Goblin through hypnosis, decides to give supervillainy a try, and ends up blowing himself up, but only after fighting Harry & Spider-Man as The Goblin. Aunt May hasn’t had a heart attack in awhile, so she does at a protest for the rights of the elderly after assaulting a cop. Unusually, a prose novel called Mayhem in Manhattan is canon to the comics, as Spider-Man foils Doc Ock’s attempt to blackmail… the entire oil industry? The beginning of Flash Thompson’s doomed romance with Sha Shan Nguyen, whom he met while serving in Vietnam. Holly Gillis & Hector Ayala join the cast of Peter Parker’s ESU classmates, but Hector’s secret identity as The White Tiger is soon exposed on live TV by Lightmaster. Peter Parker is briefly roommates with Captain Britain, and then they meet Arcade and his Murderworld “amusement park” in their first appearances. All this, plus the introduction of the wild-bore-and-truckdriving-themed superhero Razorback, team-ups with Iron Fist, Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, Tigra, Man-Thing, Iceman, Angel, Havok, Thor, Falcon, Iron Man and Daredevil, and battles with Steel Serpent, Man-Beast, The Living Monolith, Kraven, D’Spayre, The Beetle, The Enforcers, Lightmaster, Plantman, Whiplash, The Wraith, and The Owl. Busy busy busy. Spider-Man and Goblins based on Ross Andru drawings. Originally produced as drawing #40.