ASM 157-170 & Annual 10, MTU 48-57 & Annual 1, TAC 1-5. Doc Ock and Hammerhead come back from the dead after seemingly dying in a nuclear explosion 30 issues ago! Doc Ock romances Aunt May for a 3rd time and shares a bucket of KFC with Peter! Coming into possession of mysteirous photos showing Spider-Man disposing of his dead clone, JJJ becomes convinced Spider-Man has killed Peter Parker and taken his place, and storms into Peter’s apartment to rip the Peter mask off Spider-Man! Harry Osborn & Liz Allen are getting married! Glory Grant joins the Daily Bugle staff! The introduction of police captain Jean DeWolff! Spider-Man meets Nightcrawler and then the rest of the All-New, All-Different X-Men! Plus team-ups with Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Hulk, Woodgod, Punisher, Daredevil & Black Widow and battles with The Tinkerer, Kingpin, Stegron, The Lizard, Tarantula, Kraven, Batroc, Vulture, Electro, Blizzard, Silver Samurai, The Stranger & Dr. Faustus, and the introductions of new villains The Wraith, The Human Fly, Lightmaster, Jigsaw, Hitman & Will O’ The Wisp! Whew! Spider-Man based on a typically awkward Ross Andru panel with a new head and web shootin’ hand. Originally drawing #31.