ASM 153-156, MTU 39-47, Marvel Two-In-One 17, Superman Vs. The Amazing Spider-Man. Spider-Man fights an evil computer, the Sandman, and then Mirage, who almost ruins Betty & Ned’s wedding. Also Harry Osborn comes home from the mental hospital after his bout with being the Green Goblin a little too happy and conveniently amnesiac (Like father, like son). In Marvel Team-Up & Marvel Two-In-One, Spider-Man goes on a real slog of a time travel adventure, first back in time to the Salem Witch Trials with Dr. Doom, Moondragon, Vision & Scarlet Witch, then into the future and eventually back to the present to team-up with the Thing. And also, Spidey meets Superman to battle Lex Luthor and Dr. Octopus in a globetrotting, out of continuity adventure for the fate of the world! This Spider-Man heavily inspired by Ross Andru, but not directly copied from him, as I hadn’t decided to start doing that yet by original drawing #3.