ASM 139-152, MTU 30-38, Giant-Size Spider-Man 2-5, Howard the Duck, Vol. 1 1. The big Spider-Man news is The Jackal, Spider-Man’s college biology professor, clones him and Gwen Stacy… somehow… and makes the 2 Spider-Men fight to the death in a football stadium. The big Peter Parker news is, after almost 10 years, Peter & Mary Jane have their first kiss. In an airport, before Peter goes to London to save JJJ from a blackmail attempt, with busted up hands because Mysterio tricked him into punching up a brick wall. But yeah. Big doings as Gerry Conway’s run on ASM comes to a close. Also, Betty Brant & Ned Leeds are getting married and Spidey teams up with Beast, Doc Savage, Nighthawk, Falcon, Punisher featuring the stupidest gas mask in history, Man-Thing, Iron Fist, Valkyrie, Howard the Duck and even Frankenstein’s Monster! The introduction of villains The Grizzly, Cyclone and Drom, The Backwards Man. And battles with The Griffin, Meteor Man, Spencer Smythe, Tarantula, Scorpion, The Lizard, Shocker & Man-Wolf. It’s a lot. Spider-Men, Peter & MJ all swiped from various Ross Andru drawings. Originally drawing #30.