ASM 86-109, Marvel Team-Up 1-2. This was actually the first one I did. It doesn’t actually cover everything that happened in the comics because I did it way after the fact and didn’t remember so well. I eventually got much more efficient. But, anyway, the introductions of Morbius the Living Vampire and the all-new Black Widow. Harry Osborn gets addicted to “pills” (Unspecified). Spider-Man tries to get rid of his powers to marry Gwen Stacy and instead drinks a serum that gives him 4 extra arms, and he has to get help from Curt Connors, who obviously turns back into the Lizard. Gwen’s dad is killed saving a kid from falling debris in a Spidey/Doc Ock fight, and Gwen will never forgive Spider-Man. Team-Ups with Dr. Strange, Iceman and the Human Torch, battles with Kraven, Beetle, Prowler and the Green Goblin. Among other things. No copies in this one. These things have gotten so much more sophisticated over the years. I feel pretty good about that.