ASM 63-85 & Annual 5, Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine 2, Silver Surfer 14. MJ & Harry make terrible hair choices! The original Vulture returns to beat up wannabe Vulture Blackie Drago (Not my fault that’s his name!) The Kingpin uses a protest at ESU as a cover to steal an ancient tablet, and Joe Robertson’s son, Randy, is arrested with the other protest leaders for helping Kingpin! Peter learns his parents died working as spies against The Red Skull! Silvermane makes a play for Kingpin’s mob turf and that tablet he stole, it costs him his life! The strange career of The Schemer, Kingpin’s doomed son Richard, out for revenge against his dad! The introductions of Randy, Silvermane, Ceasar Cicero, The Prowler, Man Mountain Marko & The Kangaroo! Fights with Quicksilver, Silver Surfer and Human Torch, but it was all a misunderstanding! Plus returns for Electro, The Shocker, The Lizard, The Chameleon and Mysterio! This one is sort of the first in a sub-series of Spider-Man fighting the various Goblins. Technically, it’s the 2nd one in that sub-series, but since I did this all out of order, it’s the first. Not to sound all George Lucas, but they rhyme, as you will see. Spider-Man is cobbled together from a couple of Romita drawings, and Green Goblin is a direct Romita copy.