This one includes ASM 11-20 & Annual 1, Tales to Astonish 57, Avengers 11, Untold Tales of Spider-Man 10-20 & Annual ’96 (Sort of). It only took 47 tries, but I think this one is as close to what I think they should be as possible. The only figure copied directly is Spider-Man, but I managed to integrate a lot of Ditko into my own style for most of the figures (And Kirby for a couple). I think I blended my usual with the classic look better than I ever have. While also doing some weird stuff for myself, like doing what I think a Ditko version of the Romita, Jr. run would look like, or trying to draw¬†a particular Kirby Captain America splash page¬†from memory instead of copying it. I had a pretty good time here. Trying to channel Ditko wound up meaning I drew The Thing looking prrrretty weird, but his look changed so much in the 60s, and I really wanted it to be Thing as he appeared in ASM Annual 1 and ASM 18. This one coulda been a lot easier, but I decided gratuitous cameos from basically the entire Marvel U of 1964 in both those issues was an excuse to get all the heroes in there. But Spidey did team up with Giant-Man & The Wasp in Tales to Astonish 57 to fight the not-so-terrible menace of Egghead, met Daredevil in ASM 16 in a fight with The Circus of Crime, teamed up with The Human Torch against The Green Goblin in ASM 17 and The Sandman and & The Enforcers in ASM 19 and saved The Avengers from an evil Spider-Man robot sent after them by Kang in Avengers 11. Also, the introductions of The Green Goblin & The Scorpion, a battle with The Hulk, and the formation of The Sinister Six. Betty Brant’s brother is killed by mobsters, but she also meets future husband Ned Leeds, Liz Allan breaks up with Flash Thompson for the first time, and Aunt May has the first of her several thousand heart attacks. A pretty busy bunch of issues. This was the 47th drawing in the series.