It’s 2016! You made it! Me, too. I’m not dead, in case you were wondering. As detailed back in October, I shut down the strip thinking I wouldn’t be able to get the next chapter running before December, and by then, well, it’s December, lots of stuff going on, so why not wait ’til January? Good thing, too, because by the time that message posted, I was already 2 weeks into maybe the 3 busiest months of my entire life. I thought I’d use the down time to really dig into the prep work on next one. Instead, I didn’t even have time to keep up with journal comics. As a result, I’m still not ready to post new pages. I just keep imagining myself trying to make comics during the last few months… I don’t know how I could have. I’m lucky I was able to hit my target and end on an actual resolution. It was crazy. Remember when I said I’d do a short story with all that spare time? I was so young and naive back in October. But, even so , I was able to get my script to a working place, thumbnail the next chapter, start scripting the following chapter, and do some costume designs. Look up there, I’m not lying! I still have some work to do, and I think I’ll complete a few pages before posting any, but I think Closed Galaxy will be back this month.

I spent much of last year dithering about where to go next. I intended my next story to be pretty long. Like, twice as long as everything I’ve done so far. But, the slow pace of my output frustrates me, and the idea of drawing one storyline for probably 3 years or more wasn’t appealing. So I reworked my plans and wrote some new outlines, and I think I’m satisfied. Still going to be a longer one. Currently slated for three chapters, but I’ve only written 1.25 of them, so don’t hold me to that. At least two, certainly. Seems like it’s time to find out what the lights in the woods are, isn’t it? Along the way, exposition will be exposed, friendships will be tested, secrets will be revealed, and at least two really obscure references will be made! I’ll post again when I have a firm date. Thanks for not forgetting I exist. Hang in there. And have a great year.

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