Back to work!

It was actually a pretty relaxing break, but I’m back in it now. And excited, too. It was nice to kind of kick back and not feel chained to my desk every night, but nothings beats seeing a page start coming together. Getting that sunlight functioning was pretty rewarding.

I might be tinkering with my color style on the first few pages here. This is a lot less… intricate, I guess, than what I was doing last time. I feel pretty good about it, but I might need to adjust as I go. Especially when I see what it’s like outside. But, hey, that’s fun, too.

You know, while I was away, I designed a whole city, several new costumes and characters, and none of that bothered me at all. It was fun. More fun than I expected, actually, given my general lack of interest in fashion and architecture and such before I started work on this comic. But interior design is no fun at all, as it turns out. Figuring out the color schemes and furniture in 7 houses… Not doing it for me. I hope it won’t come off as too uninspired.

The hardest part of making this strip, as ever, is how long it takes to put out. I started the document for the script to this story on May 6, 2014. It’s so frustrating to have the ideas in your head and not be acting on them for that long. Ah, well. I’m on it now. And trying to find a balance between still writing for the future, but not writing too much. There’s a lot of images in this story I’ve been really eager to get to. It’s scheduled to run 22 pages (The last story ended up 3 pages longer than I initially expected). Here we go.


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