When disaster strikes!

Last Sunday, as I was getting ready to start inking this, my computer decided it had had enough. It’s only 9 months old, so this was as surprising as it was horrible. I lost a whole lot of time (and money) this week trying to diagnose its problems before being told by a professional that the motherboard was bad. 9 months. Thanks, ASUS. Anyway, as it happens, I still had my 4-year old previous desktop in the closet, and was able to produce a pageĀ on it. But man oh man, is it not easy. I did most of Comics From Space! on that machine, but that, I hope you’d agree, was a much simpler project, and the computer wasn’t showing its age yet. In addition to that, there’s just weird stuff, like Manga Studio brushes behaving differently on the different computers using the exact same settings and the exact same Wacom tablet. That is not helping. It’s been some week.

Anyway, between installing a new motherboard sometime this week (And formatting the harddrive and starting over… ugh…) and the fact that this poor computer isn’t too able to deal with my files, I’m much more likely to be late with next week’s page than usual. Just a heads up.

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