Transition complete.

I traveled 413 miles last Saturday, according to Google, to my new apartment and new job in breezy Chattanooga, TN. I’ve been busy trying to get my life in order all week. I’m still not really settled, but I think I’m in a position to get back to work now. Normally, I’d give myself another week to do the first page and try to build some kind of lead, but 2 weeks off is 2 weeks more than I would’ve liked, so I’m working without a net. Assuming I can make the deadline, tune in next week to start seeing how our gang is going to deal with what they’ve discovered out in the woods.

I’m a little sad about it because I feel like I’d really sharpened my game by that last page. That’s one of the best things I’ve ever done, Two¬†weeks away from the tablet can’t be good for me. I was still trying to stay up on dailies as best I could, but those are fired off so quickly now, they’re hardly good practice. I’m afraid it’ll take me awhile to get back to the level I was at on page 21. Maybe it won’t, who knows? We’ll see.

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